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Prefabricated fence foundation

Prefabricated fence foundation adds to the beauty of the landscape design and acts as an effective root barrier for sod and seeded grasses. It also aids in reducing edging and trimming time. Aside from its practical and functional applications, it can be used to add a distinct look to the exterior of the house. Our extruded concrete borders, curbing, will add durability and value to any landscape project.

Suspended concrete foundations

Prefabricated fence foundation

A significant impact on the quality and durability of any fence is provided not only by the material that was chosen for its construction, but also by how strong and reliable the foundation of the fence is. 

The profile of this type of prefabricated foundation is reinforced with horizontal metal axes, thus providing protection against decomposition of the foundation or environmental factors.

The great advantage is that this foundation can be installed in any weather conditions, no deep excavation work is required. Such a foundation helps to create an aesthetic image, prevents the growth of grass under the fence, protects from caves excavated by rodents.

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