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Installation: Looking for a smarter solution for your perimeter fencing? At Gigasta, we continually forge ahead to offer the most innovative breadth of fencing solutions. Whether you’re building for residential, industrial, commercial or high-security applications, we can meet your project’s needs. Our fencing systems are versatile, durable and long lasting.

Installation of yard gates, wickets, gate automation systems, fences

Secure your garden and create a welcoming boundary with our garden gates and railings. 

Tell us the type of finish you want on your metal fencing or gate and we can provide it for you. Our experts use high-quality finishing products to make your fencing extra attractive and durable.




Our company provides high quality services for all fencing solutions:
• FREE consultations are provided when choosing the type of fence, gate, gate;
• plot measurements;
• help to choose the fence design;
• calculation of the amount of required materials;
• preparation of estimates;
• We manufacture constructions, parts and other products of various complexity. We offer series and unit production.
• If necessary, we will cover the product with paint powder from the RAL color palette.

We perform all work related to the installation of fences:
– concreting of columns, gates and wickets;
– installation of various types of fences;
– concreting of gate columns;
– installation of retaining walls;
– Mounting of fence foundations;
– installation and programming of gate automation;
– warranty and post-warranty service.

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