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Laying paving

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What the patio laying and driveway installation process involves

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Laying paving

We will send a surveyor at your property, whom you can discuss your project details and consult with. After that, you’ll receive a no-obligation quote with the price of your enquiry. The paving projects that we do include the following steps:

  • Ground clearance – The specialists will remove all debris, old pavers or slabs and vegetation after they’ve marked the designated area. If any soil excavation work is needed, it will take place during this stage.
  • Site preparation – The site will be prepared using professional levelling techniques. The base can be laid only if the soil is firm and compact.
  • Membrane installation – A weed control membrane is then laid to prevent weeds from coming through in between the slabs.
  • Subbase installation – A layer is laid on top of the fabric and compacted to ensure that the surface is absolutely even.
  • Paving – The paving experts will neatly lay the slabs on the completely levelled subbase. After the necessary drying time has passed, the landscapers will wash the paved area and prepare it for pointing. Once, this job is done, you can enjoy your new patio or driveway.
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